AA – you get 1 out of 221 hands

Money into pot early – maximize value
Best Starting hand but still only one pair – keep that in mind


22/1 odds that someone has a better starting hand than pocket Kings

If an Ace falls or an overly connected board focus on pot control – checking or making small bets, to help keep the pot at a manageable size

If you have an overpair to an unconnected board – focus on getting money in the pot


10.5/1 against someone having a better hand than you

38% chance you will see an overcard on the board, miss set


Goes down to 7/1 someone has a better starting hand than you and a 52% chance you will see an overcard and or miss your set

With these hands play cautiously after flop do not be afraid to fold – Heavy action pre-flop consider folding

Pocket Pairs 10,10 – 2,2

Playable for set value or if you are facing one raise – set mining


Chance you will miss your set or over cards is 63% – and as high as 88% with pocket 2s

If you hit your set get as much value as possible, the lower your set the more chance is you will be versing another higher set

Top Pair Hands AK, AQ, AJ, KQ

Raise when you have position – be careful of callings raises with KQ and AJ – odds are you have a better starting hand – but watch for aggression

If you only have top pair and someone is willing to play a huge pot – chances are you are beat.

Suited Connectors 8,9 – 9,J, Etc.

Try to get in cheap, try to flop a big hand or a big draw – these are drawing hands if you miss fold –

If you hit a draw semi-bluff to get more value, and hide your flush when hit

Suited Aces –

Good enough to raise in late position – otherwise call a small raise –

Unless you hit two pair or a good draw, try to get to showdown cheap if you hit your Ace or fold with lower suited Aces – good chance you will be outkicked

Everything else fold –

10-J, Q, K etc. Broadway cards are playable in late position but cautiously – if you don’t hit the flop get out.